About Us - We dont sell signage, printing or pormotional items. Who in their right mind wouild willingly spend a red cent on any of these things. What we do sell are simply good ideas which are professionally designed and produced to increase the sales of your business. These days many can throw together a banner or whip out some postcards, but few are willing to spend the time on producing work that actulally has an impact - Elite Point of Purchase (POP) where SERVICE IS KING!!!.


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What Makes Good Advertising?

The first thing to understand is that everything from your business card to the sign on the outside of your building is advertising and should follow gerneral advertising rules.


In any advertisement, the timeframe you have to make an impression on your audience is limited to seconds (usally between 3-5). This limited time and space may encourage the notion that advertising must be filled to the brim with information. This is misleading, and merely creates a cluttered, schizophrenic mess. It is far more effective to develop a concise, coherent and visully appealing ad space.


Good advertising: Connects with its audience - Is memorable and easily recalled - Provides information quickly and succinctly - Doesn’t confuse the viewer or make them hunt for the pertinent information - Calls the viewer to action


It’s okay to have white spaces or other elements that some might call a “waste” of space. Effective advertising does not lambaste the viewer with information; it allows room for the message to get the audience’s attention and connect.


This Makes Good Advertising!!!

       Persuasive Image                 Strong Headline                Logo - Branding - Info                    Combined

Persuasive Image
strong headline
Combined Ad

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